Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support the Concordia Gospel Outreach ministry?

We are so glad you asked! When it comes to sharing the Gospel, no effort is too small. Here are just a few things you can do:

  • Submit your donation online.
  • Thrivent Choice— Visit or call 800.THRIVENT (1.800.847.4836) and state “Thrivent Choice.”
  • Call 1.800.325.3040 to speak with a CPH customer service representative who will handle your donation request.
  • Mail your donation to:
  • Concordia Gospel Outreach
    3558 South Jefferson Avenue
    St. Louis, Missouri 63118
    (Please make your check payable to Concordia Gospel Outreach)

Who decides what resources are sent?

The Concordia Gospel Outreach staff, in consultation with CPH leadership and ministry leaders, determines the specific resources to be distributed to meet outreach needs. Priority is given to those projects that have the greatest potential for impact on Gospel proclamation. Concordia Gospel Outreach strives to work with key mission partners in order to maximize the reach and impact of the materials.

How can my youth group/Sunday School/church group help?

Thank you for asking! We know that by working together we can loudly proclaim the love of Jesus. Here are just a few ideas of what your group can do:

  • First and foremost: Pray. Please pray for the safety of those delivering the products and for the hearts and minds of those who receive the products.
  • Consider making Concordia Gospel Outreach the recipient of your offerings for a week, month, or other specified time frame. Every dollar you raise will support the sending of Bible-based materials around the world.
  • Share your stories. E-mail us at to share what your group is already doing—or interested in doing—to support Concordia Gospel Outreach ’s work.
  • Sponsor a Vacation Bible School in a mission area in your community.

If your group has more ideas of how to get involved, please e-mail us to share your ideas so we can share them too!

Is my support of Concordia Gospel Outreach tax deductible?

Yes. Gift receipts will be e-mailed to individuals who give online. Gift receipts will be issued for gifts received by phone and by mail when a name and return address are provided to Concordia Gospel Outreach.

Does Concordia Gospel Outreach accept used materials for redistribution?

We are no longer accepting used materials. However, we do encourage you to either share used materials with ministry programs in your community or properly recycle them.

Please consider supporting Concordia Gospel Outreach with your prayers and financial donations so we are able to send new Christ-centered materials to people who do not yet know the Gospel message.

May my organization request materials to support our ministry?

Presently, Concordia Gospel Outreach is not accepting unsolicited applications for materials. However, from time to time, Concordia Gospel Outreach does offer opportunities to submit applications. That information will appear on the Connect page.