A Message from West Africa

Dear Friends,

The container bringing the Bibles, books, and tracts you donated to our mission compound has finally arrived. What a tremendous gift! How can we here on the compound adequately thank you?

We have just finished distributing them, and what unbelievable joy this has brought to many people. I wish that I could adequately express to you the gratitude and appreciation that everyone has expressed over and over.

Finding any Bibles in the region has been rare; you and your organization have gone far in filling a giant vacuum. We gave mission staff who did not have an English Bible and could read English the first choice, along with elders from the local churches that have been planted. We then boxed them up and started visiting schools and churches, without regard to denomination. All of the Good News Testaments were distributed to the high school students and their teachers, the Bibles and Testaments to the churches. There were more requests for study Bibles than we could fill.

Several people cried with joy when receiving them, some just clutched them to their breast while praising the living God. Others jumped and jumped for joy, and in the culture where people don’t touch one another, many hugged me and each other.

One visit particularly impacted me. Our very last stop was at a high school. There was a meeting in the headmaster’s office that I had interrupted. When I told them the purpose of my visit, they initially just stared at me. I was embarrassed at the awkwardness of the situation and thought that they did not understand my American English. Finally, the headmaster said to me that they had been praying for six months for Bibles for their students and library and had just finished praying again. Talk about being overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving.

What can I say? What a tremendous God we serve! There is absolutely no more precious gift that can be given than God’s Word!