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About the CPR Site

This electronic version is designed to be used much like your print version. With a subscription to CPR Online you can download editable versions of the articles, features, sermons, and other content found in the print versions of Concordia Pulpit Resources.

From the home page select the issue you would like to review. The table of contents, as it appears in the print version, will be presented to you. Then select the article you would like to access and it will be downloaded to your computer for your personalization. Build it into your own sermons or just print it for fireside reading; the options are numerous. These editable RTF files can be opened with your word-processing program (i.e., Microsoft Word, WordPerfect) and edited as your sermons require.

As new issues are released, current issues will be archived. The online library of CPR articles will continue to grow. Subscribers will be able to access articles out of any current or archived issue from any computer at any time!

To sample what this subscription offers, click to view the sample files for edition 26.2 of Concordia Pulpit Resources.

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Volume 26, Part 2, Series C
February 14—May 15, 2016