The Administrators Guide is a single volume designed to assist administrators as they provide leadership to the board of education, faculty, and staff and to students and families served by the school.

This guide recognizes the role of school administrators as they, in partnership with congregation, faculty, and staff, strive to provide a faith-integrated educational experience in a Christ-centered educational environment.

This guide:

includes in-service activities designed for use with faculties. You can use, or adapt for use, one of these per month at faculty meetings.
contains information and reproducible sheets that may be used with your staff as you grow together as Christ’s servants—teaching, relating to one another and to students, modeling Christ’s love and forgiveness.
includes over 70 articles on various topics relating to instruction and life in a Lutheran educational community. These articles are written to reinforce, celebrate, and build upon the uniquely Christian culture we are privileged to share. Each article may be used, or adapted for use, for discussion at faculy meetings and/or included in parent newsletters.
offers practical assistance for faculties as they look to improve their ongoing process of curriculum development.
reflects on the philosophy, purpose, and culture of Lutheran education with an emphasis on the role of the administrator and the leadership you provide.
provides helpful, relevant information about child development, special needs issues, reaching out to and serving families, and multicultural awareness—all with a focus on the Lutheran school and the community it serves.
offers a lexicon of educational terms for handy reference.


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