What is the Concordia Curriculum Guide?
How was the Concordia Curriculum Guide developed?
How can my school use the Concordia Curriculum Guide?
What is the philosophy of the Concordia Curriculum Guide?
How can I order the Concordia Curriculum Guide series?

What is the Concordia Curriculum Guide?

The Curriculum Guide series equips teachers to integrate the Christian faith into their teaching by specifically relating God's Law and His Gospel promises to the subject matter of each lesson. Children are taught all subjects with a focus on God's Word and how it impacts their lives.

The Curriculum Guide series is designed to guide teachers as they plan and prepare to teach. It provides a wealth of ideas and activities to enrich the learning experience and nurture faith.

The Curriculum Guide assists schools in meeting and exceeding state and national academic standards at all grade levels, while leading students to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ. 

This comprehensive guide is flexible enough to be used with any curriculum or textbook series. It helps the teacher to focus on key points with a Christian perspective. Each volume includes ideas and activities to nurture student's faith, leading them to a greater understanding of God's presence in the world and the salvation He offers in Christ Jesus.

An easy-to-use index system is arranged by keyword, topic, and standards. Each volume is 120-218 pages and includes a searchable CD-ROM with an extensive keyword index that allows you to adapt these materials to your individual situation and needs.

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How was the Concordia Curriculum Guide developed?

Each subject was developed using a combination of standards suggested by national, professional, and state organizations. We have compiled these standards to make them applicable to Christian schools in every state. This resource will assist your school in meeting or exceeding state and national academic standards at all grade levels while leading students to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ.

Recognized educators in each subject provide enrichment articles, teaching suggestions related to the subject, helpful background information, and faith-connecting activities throughout the series. Faith-connecting activities are keyed to each subject and the standards for each curricular area.

We reviewed textbooks from leading secular publishers to ensure that key figures, themes, and topics common to all texts are included in the Concordia Curriculum Guide so that it can be used to complement any textbook series.

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How can my school use the Concordia Curriculum Guide?

The Curriculum Guide series is a practical resource that offers the framework for a Christ-centered approach to achieving academic excellence.

Curriculum Review

The Curriculum Guide offers a systematic, coordinated approach to teaching every subject at every grade level. This resource will assist schools to review academic programs and assesses the schools objectives and mission.  

Textbook Evaluation

When considering adopting a new textbook series, those reviewing textbooks can use the Concordia Curriculum Guide to compare how textbook lessons align with state and national standards.

Faith Integration

Each volume of the Curriculum Guide series provides a wealth of ideas and activities that can be woven into daily lessons as a natural opportunity to relate Jesus Christ to all aspects of life and learning. Because secular materials do not integrate the Christian faith, the Curriculum Guide provides a source for specific methods to use as you teach day by day.

Both the printed index and searchable CD-ROM will be especially helpful to quickly find faith-connecting activities relevant to a specific topic. The information and activities can be used as-is or easily adapted to fit individual needs.

Through the use of the Curriculum Guide, you can coordinate your teaching of a subject with the teaching of that subject in other grades in your school.

Faculty Training and Development

The introductory chapters in each volume provide foundational information relevant to the teaching of each subject in the Christian school. Standards-based activities enable faculty to achieve your school’s instructional objectives with Gospel-based information and activities.

The Administrators Guide includes several ready-to-use in-service topics, reproducible discussion sheets, and articles that focus on issues in education.


During the accreditation process, your school evaluates its curriculum based upon national standards. The Concordia Curriculum Guide provides a framework that meets national standardsfor each subject. Using the Curriculum Guide helps your school evaluate the quality of its academics, including the spiritual dimension of its instructional program, as your school continues to strive for excellence.

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What is the philosophy of the Concordia Curriculum Guide?

We understand that curriculum includes content, method, and materials. Curriculum is what educators use to accomplish their goals and objectives. 

Curriculum development involves the changing of a school's curriculum with the goal of improving it. It is an ongoing process that involves adding to, subtracting from, or modifying curriculum. Schools regularly review their beliefs, philosophy, and objectives to see that they are met.

We also recognize that each school is different. Each has its own unique philosophy, budget, students, and ministry. The curriculum of each school should be specific to meet the needs of individuals.

Objectives provide a practical framework for implementing the planned curriculum. It is essential that the spiritual aspects of objectives are an integral element and not just an added afterthought to objective statements.

When large publishing companies prepare curricular material, the materials must be designed to meet a broad variety of schools in the largest market possible. As a result, the materials can be too general to be relevant for each specific situation. So, each school needs curriculum development beyond selection of materials in order to meet their particular needs.

The Concordia Curriculum Guide is an invaluable tool to assist a school in the curriculum development and evaluation process. 

Every Christian school can benefit from the Curriculum Guide series in its pursuit of academic excellence. The Curriculum Guide can help you provide a strong Gospel-centered, biblical message in all that is taught and learned in your school.

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How can I order the Concordia Curriculum Guide series?

The following eight subjects are available for Grades 1-8.  Subjects listed together are sold as part of a set.

Social Studies
Science and Health set
Language Arts and Math set
Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Physical Education set
An Administrators Guide is also available.

To order, visit www.cph.org or call 1-800-325-3040. 

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