A group of athletes participates in the international olympic games and they confront daily challenges. During their time in the olympic games, they learn that everyone can run and compete. They learn that the age you begin training does not make an athlete better than another. An athlete that wants to be in top shape is always training and listens. They also like to share everything that they learn.

We deal with life's challenges on a daily basis and should not be discouraged with the outcome. With Jesus Christ, we can continue our race with courage until we reach our goal.

Champions of Faith is the only program available in Spanish and Bilingual (Spanish/English) versions, originally written in Spanish. This program is adaptable to any setting, and the amount of time and volunteers needed is flexible.

Each day begins with a shared time for praise where children can learn and sing the program's unique songs. The leaders will later read the daily story, or they can play the recorded narration on CD, and they will also present the Bible story. Later, the children are grouped according to age for more activities and to do the colorful worksheets. On the last day, children, teachers, and parents can attend the program's closing event.

Champions of Faith includes everything you need for a successful event. It has color lessons divided into four levels for participants ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14; and for adults there are reproducible Bible studies in the teacher’s guide. It also has color posters, songs, promotional materials, crafts, and much more.

It is ideal for your church’s outreach in the community or for mission trips.


Questions about the program? Don't Hesitate to call or write us!
1.877.450.8694 in Spanish, 1.800.325.3040 in English, editorial.concordia@cph.org.