Get the whole church involved! Vacation Bible School is
an evangelistic event and everyone can participate!
Choose the best date, keeping in mind the pastor’s availability, community events, the weather, and the
public schools’ schedules.

Prepare a budget. You can organize a fundraiser,
charge a small registration fee, or ask for donations.

Ask for all kinds of volunteers to participate.
Share the goals of the event with them, and coordinate
their interests with their abilities.

Have a promotion team. They can make personal invitations, call families with children, and have an information table at the church.

We recommend:

  • Early registration
  • Training for teachers and volunteers
  • Food for children and volunteers

To place an order you only need to buy one leader’s package per church, and determine the number of students you will have in each age level to order the needed lessons.


Questions about the program? Don't Hesitate to call or write us!
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