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No other book ties God’s promises to specific people, places, times, and cultures like the Bible. The Lutheran Bible Companion is a highly visual two-volume handbook that welcomes Christians to a deeper exploration of the cultural and historical contexts of the events captured in Scripture and the Apocrypha.

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A 2015 ECPA Christian Book Award Finalist for the most prestigious award in Christian publishing, the Lutheran Bible Companion was selected as a finalist for its excellence in:

Content Literary quality Design Impact

“With the Bible at the center, and the Lutheran Bible Companion at hand, you can read the Bible for all its worth.”
—Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, Executive Director, Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty
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The best companion for quiet time, Bible study, or sermon preparation.

Written over a span of 1,500 years by more than 40 authors, the Bible is about God’s saving actions in history and His promises for all people, including us. But for many, the Bible remains a mystery. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Including Law and Gospel themes, comments from prominent Lutheran theologians, practical application, answers to popular questions, in-depth articles, and more—there’s something new to learn on every page. The Lutheran Bible Companion helps Christians study God's Word in greater context and reveals more about our God—the God of yesterday, today, and forever.

Take a journey through the Lutheran Bible Companion ...

Discover how the golden thread of prophecy interweaves throughout the Old Testament, assuring mankind about the coming Messiah.

Beautiful landscapes showcase the “dirt level places” where Jesus and His disciples walked and taught.

From testament, to book, to chapter, to verse—immerse yourself in the history and culture of Scripture with artifacts and detailed maps.

Truly an everyman’s commentary, the Lutheran Bible Companion explores and answers common “Questions People Ask” from a Lutheran perspective.

How did we get the Bible? Solid Lutheran scholarship explores how each book of the Bible became a part of the Western canon of Scripture.

What was going on in the rest of the world during major biblical events? Graphs and charts clarify the historical and cultural context of Bible times.


  • A ‘must have’ resource for those who truly want to be satisfied with the Spirit-filled illumination of God’s Word as we learn how culture, context, and historical events can enhance our desire to drink deeply of His wisdom, commands, and promises.
    —Dr. Kurt Senske, CEO Lutheran Social Services of the South, author The Calling: Live a Life of Significance (Concordia, 2010)
  • A rare combination of art, maps, charts, and literary and theological commentary on the texts of the Holy Scriptures. There is really nothing quite like it on the market today. Pastors will want to make sure the members of their congregation learn about it.
    —John T. Pless, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry/Missions, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Visually appealing and Christ-centered. Every page is instructive, profuse with illustrations, charts, and references. This work is one to trust to explain and amplify Scripture book by book. Especially valuable is the inclusion of viewpoints that undermine and misunderstand the Bible, with reasonable defenses and clarification, using Lutheran principles of biblical interpretation.
    — Rev. Robert Voelker, pastor, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Windsor, Ontario
  • There is a wealth of information available at my fingertips; information that answers some of the tough questions when reading God’s Word, and supplies much needed background, maps, charts, photos, and resources for further study. As I continue to encourage women to be in God’s Word, I will also encourage them to purchase and use this. This book will be my companion in my daily quiet time.
    — Janice M. Wendorf, 16th President of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
  • A must-have book, Lutheran Bible Companion is ideally suited for every Christian church, school, and home. It is easy enough for any layperson to follow along, yet stimulating enough to give even the professional church worker food for thought with its breathtaking pictures, systematic presentation, and discussion covering a wide variety of angles, from simple commentary to difficult questions to life applications and more!
    — Rev. Ralph C. Shorey, III, Circuit Counselor, Sioux City Circuit, IDW
  • Concise, thorough, scholarly, and dependable are words that describe this valuable resource for the Church. As a campus pastor, I especially appreciate the attention given in addressing the issues raised by students regarding the reliability of the Bible. These volumes do not shy away from answering the vexing questions skeptics pose about the Bible, and they do so in a clear and confident manner.
    — Rev. Dr. Mark J. Buchhop, Campus Pastor, Wittenberg Lutheran Chapel, Grand Forks, ND; Parish Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Warren, MN
  • Using the Companion will enable the student to gain greater insight into the who, what, where, and why that lies behind each book—or even a single verse—of Scripture. I can easily see this resource being used by both pastor and layperson.
    — Rev. W. Max Mons, S.T.M, Pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Chapel and University Center, Iowa City, Iowa, Circuit Counselor, Cedar Rapids South Circuit – Iowa District East
  • The depth and breadth of information—whether book overviews, articles, or application—is worth the cost alone. While scholarly in its approach, the Lutheran Bible Companion is accessible to all users. It will provide a wealth of insight to church workers who preach and teach the Word, and it will enable lay members to grow in their faith through a deeper study of God’s Word. I would have treasured this resource at the seminary and in the parish!
    — The Rev. Dr. Joel A. Hoelter, Emeritus (Former NWD President)
  • The Lutheran Bible Companion is just what it says. It is truly Lutheran in its approach to the Holy Scriptures, upholding divine inspiration and inerrancy with Christ at the center and the cross as the focus. It is concerned with the text of the Bible, using the best of textual criticism while at the same time refusing to shy away from textual difficulties in order to provide sound explanations. It is also a companion to the Holy Scriptures, one which enables any Bible student to draw deeply from the wells of Holy Scripture and drink often of its life-giving waters.
    — Rev. Dr. E. Anthony Sikora
  • How helpful it would be, when reading the Bible, to have a teacher sitting close by, pointing out, ‘Look at this,’ ‘Think about that,’ and ‘Let me explain this.’ This book is such a companion. … Particularly valuable are introductory articles on how to study the Bible and articles answering difficult ‘Questions people ask about’ various books. Unique and valuable is the inclusion of the Apocrypha. Throughout, the views of higher criticism are carefully explained with confidence in the reliability of Scripture.
    — Rev. Vance Becker, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School, North Mankato, MN
  • The comprehensive, scholarly, and beautifully illustrated Lutheran Bible Companion is a one-stop resource! In addition to help with interpreting a particular biblical text, Bible students also want maps, diagrams, definitions of words, timelines, and perspectives from Lutheran theologians. But Lutheran Bible Companion goes deeper still, not afraid to tackle the knotty problems of biblical interpretation, seeming contradictions in the Bible, and divergent theological viewpoints.
    — Ruth Koch, M.A., NCC, Mental Health Educator
  • The Lutheran Bible Companion brings to life the scriptural narrative in stunning fashion with its rich photographs and illustrations. It provides helpful information and insights that will be of use to every student of the Bible, regardless of their age, education, or biblical literacy. For the reader seeking even more exhaustive information on the books of the Bible or specific topics, it also recommends works for further reading. Everyone who picks up a Bible should have the Lutheran Bible Companion close at hand.
    — The Rev. Dr. David P. Rowold, Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bloomfield, New Jersey
  • Two thousand years ago some Greeks came to Philip and said, ‘Sir, we would see Jesus.’ It was a simple request that was, with an introduction, simply answered. Today, when people ask to be shown Jesus, the introduction can be questionable. Some emphasize Jesus’ humanity and deny His deity; while others doubt, deny, and decry the major doctrines of Scripture. To show the reader Jesus, and the Scriptures which point to Him, is the purpose of the Lutheran Bible Companion. In this monumental work you will find the very best of solid Christian scholarship; you will see Jesus.
    — Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of ‘The Lutheran Hour®’

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