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Keep pace with the beat your students live by.

Whether you are just beginning your youth ministry or have years of experience, here are some helpful tips and ideas that can bring your Pulse studies to life.

Tips for getting the most out of your Pulse studies:
•Specific URLs (Internet addresses) for Web-based content listed within Pulse studies were active at the time the study was posted. If the link no longer works please let us know.

• Make sure to check all media connections before beginning your study. Pulse studies connected to movies may be used with selected scenes or by viewing the complete movie. The choice depends on the amount of time you have allowed for the study.

Sources for Pulse media connections include.
Music (Has complete lyrics for most popular artists, some music samples and videos) (Some music samples and videos, complete artist information) (Download music from almost any artist.) (Many popular artists maintain their own “channel” on YouTube with music videos and more.)

Movies (Check out their complete in-store selections or download selected videos.) (Tons of downloadable films.)

Videos (Great search features, tons of variety.) or (A great source for Christian videos and presentations.)

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