Cross Explorations Planning Sheets Cross Explorations Planning & Extra Activities

The planning sheets have a short description of each week’s activities to help you select the best option for your Sunday School and to coordinate all stations. Also try out the alternate activities for each lesson. The planning sheets and extra activities will become available for every quarter as we build up our library.

Old Testament 1: God Creates a World and a People (Chronological: Fall 2016) PDF RTF
Old Testament 2: God Protects His People in Egypt and the Exodus PDF RTF
Old Testament 3: God Provides Judges and Kings (Recommended: Fall 2016) PDF RTF
New Testament 1: God Sends His Son to Save Us PDF RTF
New Testament 2: Jesus Shows He is True God PDF RTF
New Testament 3: Jesus Teaches about God's Kingdom PDF RTF
New Testament 4: Jesus Dies and Rises to Save Us PDF RTF
Crafts: Old Testament 1 PDF