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Call Center Technology

Our Customer Care Center utilizes a state-of-the-art phone system to take incoming customer calls and direct them to the appropriate representatives who specialize in various product areas.

Pick-to-Light Technology

Our Distribution Center utilizes an automated, paperless, streamlined fulfillment process driven by “Pick-to-Light” technology.  This technology allows us to fulfill orders more efficiently and accurately than by picking from a sheet of paper.

RF Scanners

Most items today come with a bar code for identification purposes.  Radio frequency scanners allow workers to process transactions accurately and efficiently within a fast-paced distribution center environment.  All product receipts and movements are handled through RF scanners.

Robust ERP System

An integrated, closed loop system collects all data transactions in real-time, stores them in our database, and automatically updates business systems so that all employees have real-time access.

Real-Time Data Capture

An integrated and closed loop IT system collects all data transactions in
real-time, stores them in databases and updates business systems in real-time for all employees to access when needed.

EDI Capable

If your organization has the ability to send EDI transactions, we will be happy to work with you to determine whether we can automate the process of receiving your orders.

NCOA Capabilities

CPH has the ability to do address verification on your mailing list using a NCOA Link process approved by the USPS.


CPH operates a full e-commerce website which processes thousands of orders per month.  These orders are immediately passed to our LFS distribution center, ready for handling.  In certain circumstances, we will consider the inclusion of products into our website structure for online order taking in conjunction with CPH products.