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Who we Are

What is Lutheran Fulfillment Services?

Lutheran Fulfillment Services (LFS) is a service of Concordia Publishing House (CPH) which uses our capabilities in inventory management and order fulfillment to benefit the Lutheran community at large, including Lutheran agencies and the Lutheran congregations, schools and individuals that they serve.

The mission of LFS is best summarized by our commitment to you: 

“We focus on fulfillment so you can focus on your Ministry”.

What can LFS do for my organization?

The work of your organization is important, and the unique talents that you bring to that work need to be maximized in order for your ministry to flourish.  Through LFS, agencies that exist to serve the Lutheran community can take advantage of the extensive distribution capabilities of CPH, thus avoiding making a significant investment of resources in a capability that is not core to your work.  The services we offer include:

    • Inventory Warehousing & Management
    • Order Entry (Phone, Web and Electronic Transfer)
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Shipping & Mailing Services
    • Returns Processing
    • Billing Services
    • Customized Reporting Services

What makes LFS different than any other fulfillment company?

There are many companies in the fulfillment business, but none that can match the experience that we provide in working with Lutheran churches and schools.    Just like your organization, we exist to support spreading the Gospel message though local congregations.  Every week, we talk to thousands of Lutheran churches, schools and individuals that count themselves not only as our customers, but yours as well.  Let our experienced and knowledgeable representatives assist your customers in learning more about your products and services.

How can my organization benefit from using LFS?

Does being in the shipping business tie up resources that could otherwise be directed toward your mission?  Are order taking and billing critical to your purpose, or just necessary tasks to be done?  Do you need more real-time information that would assist you in expanding your reach?  We have some ideas that may be of interest to you!

What we strive to do is to take care of the fulfillment aspects of your organization so that you can spend more time with the ministry aspects of your work.  And our mutual customers can benefit as well.

So how would Lutheran churches and schools benefit from this relationship?

For customers placing an order, the associated shipping costs add a sometimes significant amount to the overall cost of the materials.  It is our goal to reduce the impact of those shipping costs by offering a consolidated ordering and fulfillment process that allows churches, schools and individuals to place a single order containing material from multiple agencies into a single shipment.  The savings that result from this consolidation will free up more dollars for ministry at the local level, where we know they will be directed into valuable ministry work!