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Order Entry  

  • Phone Orders -- In 2009 and 2010, and again in 2011, CPH was awarded the honor of being named a Certified Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal of Purdue University.  The customer care representatives in our award-winning call center work with Lutheran churches and schools on a daily basis, treating pastors, teachers and all others with the courtesy and respect they deserve. Our customer care center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST/CDT), Monday through Friday, except holidays.
  • Web Orders -- To handle its own business requirements, CPH operates a full e-commerce website which processes thousands of orders per month.  These orders are immediately passed to our LFS distribution center, ready for handling.  In certain circumstances, we will consider the inclusion of products into our website structure for online order taking in conjunction with CPH products.
  • Electronic Orders -- To handle its own business requirements, CPH maintains a programming staff on-site.  If your orders are currently being entered into your own system, we will work with you to create an electronic transfer process to facilitate the passing of orders without the need for redundant data entry. 


Order Fulfillment

As the backbone of our Lutheran Fulfillment Services area, CPH’s state-of-the-art Distribution Center houses over 8,000 sku’s with additional capacity for your items.  Our state-of-the-art center utilizes bar code technology, carousels, conveyors and flow-through racking to make the fulfillment process as smooth and cost-efficient as possible.

Warehouse Management

All inventory transactions are tracked in our warehouse management system, creating real-time inventory quantity and location updating.  From order entry to order allocation to picking and packing, we keep track of the status of each order and update our system in real-time for internal inquiries.

Returns Processing

Reverse logistics are, unfortunately, an essential part of being in the publishing industry.  We accept and process returns, rework materials if needed to salvage components, shrink wrap or re-box, and replenish our current stock through a Return Material Authorization (RMA) process.

Cycle Counting

Throughout the year, CPH initiates cycle counts of each item maintained in our warehouse.  All items in the picking bins and storage locations in the warehouse are counted by hand, with any adjustments entered to correct inventory position.  Through a secure warehouse environment and process improvements over the last 5 years, inventory adjustments are held to a minimum.


In certain circumstances, we will consider the inclusion of billing and remittance services into the mix of services offered to our LFS clients. 

Customized Reports

In order to give you the tools you require to run your business more efficiently, we can assist you in creating reports that will provide you with real time information about your products and your customers.  We will work with you to understand your business and build a report set that meets your needs.

Warehousing & Storage

In addition to storing fulfillment quantities of your products, CPH has additional space available for storage of your palletized products.  If you would like to get out of the business of running a warehouse, let us give you a hand. 

Printing & Mailing Services  

In addition to order fulfillment services, LFS can handle your printing and mailing needs.  We have been in the printing and mailing business for decades and have a full-service Mail Plant operation on site that can handle jobs of almost any size.  Mass mailings, targeted mailings, poly-bagging, shrink-wrapping and envelope addressing services are some of the many services that we provide.